Valentine’s Day Entertaining and Gifts

Valentine’s Day is just over two weeks away!  It’s time to get romantic (if you have a significant other) and  surprise the kids and other friends and family with sweets and reminders of how you feel about them!  The time for giving gifts is always now!   Here are some fun gift giving and party ideas that I’ve pulled together.

First, I am loving the Happy Loris Baking Company in Norfolk, VA.  Click the images to order homemade cookies that can ship in the United States.  Aren’t they charming?


happy Loris Baking Company







Having a Valentine’s Day Party?  I love these “Be My Valentine” favor tags by Diana Carr:



If you are having kids over for a Valentine’s Day celebration, I recommend ordering these fun, personalized mini mailboxes from Sassy Class Southern- they are just $7 each!!



Create a kissing booth!  How fun!

kissing booth

Either make it yourself or go to Etsy and order some fun banners and things (this one is from nhayesdesigns):


Or just tape a bunch of hearts on a wall and have kids pose for photos this way – how cute?!


There are lot of goodies that you can order online for quick shipping to arrive over the next two weeks.  Here are some fun Valentine’s Day gifts from some of our favorite shops.  I particularly like the Harrod’s tea and sweets,  the Cartier gift set, the Monica Rich Kosann locket and charm, the Links of London “Key to My Heart” locket charm – and  for ultimate luxury — the Burberry Heart Locket key chain and  Valentine’s charm set from Chanel.


What are your favorite Valentine’s Day traditions and gifts?

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