Marble Countertops in the Kitchen

I’m about to redo my kitchen countertops.  In my last house, which my husband and I built, we had statuary marble counters that we loved.   I am now in a 102 year old house that has black granite counters and a beautiful kitchen, but I’ve decided to go light again.  I am trying to decide between Statuary and Calcutta marble and have been checking out some photos.  I thought I would share favorites as I come across them.  Here are some from this evening. What do you think?  Which is your favorite?

Stay tuned for more of my kitchen clippings!  ~Melissa Hawks

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  1. Steven Choquet

    I’d have to go with #3 Melissa , I’m a big fan of the clean modern look. The dark oak floors really make the countertops pop, and bringing the stone all the way to the floor on the island is a unique touch.

  2. Chris

    Nice post with beautiful images. Marble countertops for kitchen really looks amazing. They show a depth of color and movement that is just not found in other stone materials. Marble countertops have become the top choice for kitchen countertops. This is because of their beauty and durability. For my Kitchen, I have used white marble countertops and I had taken help from Eskandari Stone.

  3. Stephan Bashkir

    These pictures of countertops are all beautiful. I love the white marble and granite look in many kitchen settings. There are many other options for counters depending on what you want it to look like, but these pictures show how good these materials look.

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