Seen and Heard: Harper’s Bazaar Releases a Fashion-Lovers Emoji App!

Anyone who’s in fashion or loves fashion knows that editors speak their own language. Once a show is over, they seem to vanish from their seats faster than you can say “cat walk”! For those ladies on the go — and of course the rest of us running around between luncheons, galas, hair/makeup/nail appointments, Soul Cycle, work, shopping and school pickup, — there’s now an APP for that. If texting is your main means of communication while on the run, Harper’s Bazaar has come out with a free “BAZAAR EMOJIS” app chalk full of fun fashion-related clip art. Here’s a sampling of what’s there. Something tells me a number of you will be downloading it! They’ve got bobble heads of Glenda Bailey, Karl Lagerfield and even the Olsen twins. Lastly, how could any fashion editor not have an emoji for Bill Cunningham? He’s in there, too! As he wizzes by on his bike (to those of us from NYC, he’s a well known and quite familiar face). Take a look and click here to download:


photo 2




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