Best Outdoor Patio Umbrellas: A Twist on the Expected!

The patio is a place to be creative and have a little fun.  Outdoor umbrellas are a great way to add a little pizazz!  You can go with traditional, classically designed Pottery Barn Outdoor Umbrellas or you can do something different. Throw in a fun Pagoda umbrella, or a retro 50’s or 60’s style with scalloped edges — or better yet go with bamboo or a thatched umbrella for some swanky sun shade.  The world is your oyster, and I say, the more fun you have with your patio decor, the more fun you’ll have with friends there.   I may be biased, but I think our sister site The Well Appointed House – has the most fabulous outdoor umbrellas at great prices! Here are some favorites:


Blue & White Zimmerman Umbrella – Only $154.80 Now at The Well Appointed House! It’s available in other colors, too!

Black and White 8.5′ Classic Outdoor Pagoda Umbrella $456


We LOVE this elegant beige and white scalloped umbrella. It’s so perfect for a chic patio! Right now it’s $291.06 at The Well Appointed House. It’s also available in other colors!


This two tone one is such a throwback! We also love the $160.05 price! At The Well Appointed House.


Blue and White 8.5′ Classic Outdoor Pagoda Umbrella $456

Red and White 8.5′ Classic Outdoor Pagoda Umbrella

Here are a few other ideas for inspiration:

red patio umbrella


From Coastal Living. Photo by David Tsay

From Coastal Living. Photo by David Tsay


pink patio umbrella

white scalloped umbrellas


scalloped white umbrella


scalloped umbrella 2

blue scalloped

black and white umbrellas

Photo from Southern Living

Photo from Southern Living

pink umbrella patio

black and white umbrellas 2

From Better Homes & Gardens

From Better Homes & Gardens

blue white striped patio umbrella

chippendale patio umbrella

black and white striped patio umbrella 3

orange umbrella patio

Check out these super fun patio umbrellas from PIER 1! Click image

Check out these super fun patio umbrellas from PIER 1! Click image

How fun are these pointy pagoda inspired umbrellas from PIER 1 Imports?  Click here to view it in the blue floral .  They are such fun!  I can’t help but feel happy when looking at them!  Scroll down for more and click images to view details and pricing:



blue floral pagoda umbrella

Lani Beige Umbrella

Other fun sources include Hedge Row Studio where you can get creative and design your own.  Choose the colors, design it yourself. Santa Barbara umbrellas are fabulous, too.  They are quite pricey, but gorgeous!  Take a look:

Santa Barbara Umbrella

santa barbara 2

This one is a SPLURGE at pricing over $3000 at Neiman Marcus, it makes the ones at top look like bargains!


This one, too! $3000+

frontgate umbrella


64812_main65394_main Send us your favorite outdoor umbrella ideas and we hope you have enjoyed perusing our fabulous finds!

Update after the post went live:

My friend Catherine Tompkins of My Life in Parties just emailed over this beautiful mirrored umbrella that she got at a flea market in Rowayton, CT and used for a “Passage to India” party.  Love it – thanks for sharing Catherine!  Send us your photos, too!





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  2. Sarah

    I love the designs of these patios. They are indeed stunning as they look so chic! These patios are definitely useful while outdoors. Besides shade they provide an aesthetic look to the garden.

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