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Summer is here, finally!  I don’t know about you, but we practically live at our pool during the summer and with three kids (mine are ages 8,7 and 5) we stock our pool house and beach bags with bandages to be prepared for those pool injuries, stubbed toes and everyday summer accidents!  Our current pool in Greenwich was here when we bought the house and the bottom of the pool isn’t as smooth as it could be (as opposed to the PebbleTec finish we put into my prior pool, which was much smoother!).  My little ones get what I call “Pool Toe” which is a wearing down of the tip of their big toe from bobbing up and down in the water on the rough surface of the pool.  We have found that these Nexcare Waterproof Bandages work really well in the summertime, especially with little ones that are getting wet in the sprinklers and the pool.  We have purchased them for many years on our own, and as part of this sponsored post, 3M shipped me more boxes to sample at home with the kids to see how they measure up.

Nexcare Waterproof Bandage Assorted_FRT_CMYK

So I can attest to the fact that Nexcare bandages work well on kids — but what about on adults?!  Nexcare is now running a funny “Will It or Won’t It” Campaign – and 3M has enlisted an unexpected new product tester, Nexcare Nana!  She demonstrates the strength and superior performance of Nexcare Waterproof Bandages to show just how tough they are. Check out this series of three videos, which follow Nexcare Nana as she goes to extreme lengths to prove that Nexcare Waterproof bandages have staying power!  “Nana” conducts intense product tests that put her and the bandages up against their biggest opponents – water, dirt and germs…

In her first encounter, she goes head-to-head with a high pressure fire hose:

The second video features “Nana” taking a dumpster dive (wow and gross!):

Her third obstacle consists of a showdown with a dirt-filled dump truck (this is one in-shape nana!):

Wow – these are some serious bandages! We all can see that these are dramatized product tests showing over the top situations that wouldn’t typically occur, but you get the point!  These videos show the 360-degree seal which provides a protective barrier to keep out water, dirt and germs making them perfect for everyday life!  They are great for summer use in the sun, too since they have a clear, breathable seal around the pad and so when used in a visible spot, won’t leave a big tan mark.


Head to nexcare.com/nana to view the Nexcare Nana videos, explore Nana’s World and nominate someone special in your life that is as daring and tough as Nexcare Nana in the Tough-as-Nana Sweepstakes, for a chance to win one of three trips including swimming with sharks, skydiving or a race car driving experience. 3M products have been trusted by doctors and nurses for over 60 years.  We are pleased to have Nexcare Waterproof Bandages as a sponsor!

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