New Blue and White Porcelain Vases: Newlyweds Take Note!

Blue and white never goes out of style.  I consistently see it used well in rooms and it’s basically a decorating staple at this point – especially for newlyweds looking for some quick and easy ways to make their first home look elegant.  The beauty of blue and white is its versatility and the different ways it can be incorporated:

So if you want to send something unique to the newlyweds that’s not on their registry (or buy for yourself), that’s sure to be a classic – we’ve just added a number of porcelain vases, umbrella stands and more this week on our sister site, The Well Appointed House.  Check them out!  Click the images below to view them!
Umbrella Stand
If you are feeling lazy and want a large amount of blue and white and fast (!) – you can order our Twenty-Two Piece Blue and White Porcelain Canton Collection:
BlueandWhitePorcelain Canton Collection
Happy shopping!

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