Thanksgiving Wreaths, Centerpieces and Mantlepieces for Elegant Holiday Entertaining!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we’ve been busy at our sister site, The Well Appointed House, shipping fabulous Thanksgiving wreaths out for the past week or so.  These make fabulous housewarming gifts — I sent one to a friend in the Hamptons this time last year who built the most gorgeous house and she loved it.  They ship out within a few days, so it’s a quick and easy gift, and people are starting to order mantlepieces and centerpieces for Thanksgiving entertaining as well!  Get your orders in now and if you want us to hold shipping for another week or two in time for Thanksgiving, we can do that!

Here are some of our favorites!  Click here to view the collection:


Don’t forget about your holiday table!  To make things easy, you can order and QUICK SHIP a Thanksgiving centerpiece right to your door.  That makes one less thing to worry about for entertaining a large number of guests:


We’ve got centerpieces in many different styles and they will arrive right to your door!  Also, garlands aren’t just for Christmas!  Surprise your Thanksgiving guests with a beautiful, cascading garland of magnolia leaves to bring in the Fall bounty…






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