Things to Do, See, Hear and Taste: Making a Moscow Mule, Fun New Music, AMNH tips, Fun New Home Products

It’s winter — it’s cold and that means we’ve got to keep things interesting! Take your Vitamin D (and eats lots of leafy green vegetables and keep the fresh fruits coming in!) and if you’ve got a light box, prop it on your desk to keep the winter blues away! Here are a few things to do/see/hear/taste!

Make a Moscow Mule! I had never had a Moscow Mule until recently — over New Year’s week to be precise, and it has quickly become one of my favorite cocktails!  It’s probably better for a hot summer day, but we can pretend!  In the meantime, order some copper Moscow Mule cups and throw these simple ingredients together for a real treat!  These are from Nordstrom and you can buy them with your initial engraved:

Moscow Mule Copper Mug 1



To make this refreshing cocktail, I muddle some fresh ginger and mint in the bottom of the mule mug and then add 2 ounces of vodka, squeeze a half of a lime in, and fill the mug with cold ginger beer and crushed ice.  I like the D&G Old Jamaica ginger beer.  These are so delicious!  It’s a fun cocktail for a night by the fire or apres ski.  Though it’s cold, it will warm you!

If you like art, as I do, watch “Tim’s Vermeer”.  Inventor Tim Jenison seeks to understand the painting techniques used by Dutch Master Johannes Vermeer.  The documentary is by American TV magicians Penn and Teller, and sets out to demonstrate Tim’s theory that the 17th-century artist used optics to paint his masterpieces….a “camera obscura” to be precise. The film attempts to answer the question of how Vermeer painted so photo-realistically, 150 years before photography was invented.  It’s worth watching on a cold night when you will be home anyway!

Tim's vermeer


A few new songs to download to you iPhone:

-Take Me to Church by Hozier – love, love, love this.
-Cheerleader by Felix Jaehn Remix Radio Edit – I’m obsessed!  It’s a happy song.
-Prayer in C by Robin Schulz, Lilly Wood & The Prick – I’ve been listening to it for a few months now, and it’s still great.
-Dare You 2 Move by Destructo from the West Coast EP is a fun workout song!  Get ready to sweat!
-Snoop Dogg and Dam Funk released a few brand new tracks to celebrate the New Year that are free! Download them here. “N My System” and “It’s Not a Secret” – I can’t turn down free music!

Go to the American Museum of Natural History.  Many of you know that I’m involved there and co-chair the Family Party each year as well as Vice Chair the Museum Dance and a few other things.  I was there Tuesday night spending time on the Fourth Floor.  I’ve been going to the Museum for years and actually didn’t know that you are supposed to start the fourth floor in the Miriam and Ida Wallach Orientation Center and go from there.  I usually have kids in tow and I have to say that a night at the Museum with no kids allows one to actually focus and learn something new! The Wallach center introduces visitors to key concepts and as you go from there through the Hall of Vertebrate Origins, which traces the evolution of vertebrates (animals with backbones) back more than 500 million years (WOW).  Next you move through the Hall of Saurischian Dinosaurs and learn about how the vertebrates evolved to have grasping hands and an offset thumb (there you see the breathtaking mounts of the Tyrannasaurus rex and Apatosaurus).  Through to the Hall of Ornithischian Dinosaurs, next to the Hall of Primitive Mammals and finally to the Millstein Hall of Advanced Mammals where you see the story told of the great diversification of the dinosaurs and their sudden extinction.  You can do this in an hour to hour-an-a-half, leave the museum by 5:45 when it closes and head nearby to dinner at Sushi by Gari or one of the many fabulous nearby restaurants.  It’s nice to keep up on your scientific knowledge!

By the way, AMNH has some amazing APPS that you can download here.  The Dinosaurs iPad App is pretty amazing!  These are great for kids, too.  Did you know that the AMNH website has a “” section and there are amazing documentaries. I just watched the “Preserving Lonesome George” short documentary – about preserving the last known Pinta island tortoise.  I’m fascinated and concerned about species extinction and I’ve always wondered how the animal specimens at the museum came to be made and properly preserved. It’s amazing to see what goes into the taxidermy of these now extinct species, and why this is important for future generations who will come to the museum and learn about these animals and why they are now gone. Bookmark it for your family!  If you or your kids are inquisitive, the museum puts a great deal of effort into their website.  I highly recommend it!

See what’s new at The Well Appointed House.  These are some of my favorite new items.

We’ve got new bamboo indoor/outdoor chairs in every color.  They are available as arm and side chairs:

indoor_outdoor_aluminum_side_chair_with_cushion_in_blueWe’ve got lots of fun, new wastebaskets:


Fun new desks:


Cool new rattan chairs:


Pretty florals:

silk_pink_rose_ranunculus_in_a_glass_cubeThere’s a lot happening, so bookmark us!

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