Did You Miss the Lilly Pulitzer for Target Sale? Relax, We’ve Got Lilly Pulitzer Stationery, Ice Buckets, Serving Trays and More!

For those of you that missed out, there was a Lilly Pulitzer for Target collection “frenzy” on Sunday — with the signature collection for Target selling out immediately in stores around the country and even crashing the Target website for those who were trying to shop the items online!


The Lilly Pulitzer brand is still alive and well – if you are up for paying for the original collection, click here to shop their signature designs.  We’ve also got these super preppy personalized notecards by Lilly – that make great gifts for Mother’s Day.  They are adorable for women and girls alike!  Each set is $30 – a great price!  Take a look  at some of our favorites and click images to buy:

Lilly Pulitzer Stationery


Lilly Pulitzer Chin Chin


Lilly Pultizer Docksider


Lilly Pulitzer Gigi Cards


Lilly Pulitzer Checking Design Lilly Pulitzer Navy Bloomers

Lilly Pulitzer Tootie Fruity


Lilly Pulitzer Taboo Design


Lilly Pulitzer Lucky Charms


You can view the complete collection here – and check out the Lilly Pulitzer ice buckets, serving trays and recipe boxes, too!  They make great  bridal shower gifts!

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