Blue and White Porcelain & Decor is Always in Style!

In 2008, Carolyn Roehm published the coffee table book “A Passion for Blue and White”, and the excitement for this color palette continues still in 2015!  There is a great article on the House Beautiful website, called 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Ginger Jars.  Click here to take a look – and I will show you why the demand for these pieces never stops and why the palette is so classic that it never goes out of style.

Photo by NGOC MINH NGO for House Beautiful

Photo by NGOC MINH NGO for House Beautiful

These beloved storage pieces from ancient China have been used functionally since the 1600’s and made a big resurgence in the 1960’s in decorating. Babe Paley has been much quoted recently as saying to antiques dealer, John Rosselli, that “You can never been too rich or too thin of have too much blue and white.”  Blue is one of my favorite colors and I have it all over my house.  I’ve loved the intricate patterns on fine china and porcelain since I was a child and I have a small collection of antique delft pieces at my house.  Some are out and some are stored away – old Staffordshire pieces in the blue/aqua and green colorways.  I enjoy both the English and Asian versions of the porcelain.  I’ve got the English Staffordshire in my kitchen and Asian-inspired accent pieces in other rooms in the house. It’s the crisp look of the blue and white that gets me every time!  Today we have even more modern interpretations of this theme – so there is truly something for everyone!

We have organized an entire web page of all of our favorite Blue and White items at our sister site, The Well Appointed House – Click Here to View the Blue and White Collection!  Here are a few of our newest additions to the collection:

cliveden_in_blue_chinoiserie_tole_table_lamp_with_shadeCliveden in Blue Chinoiserie Tole Table Lamp $495

blue-and-white-porcelain-umbrella-stand-with-fish-motifBlue and White Porcelain Umbrella Stand with Fish Motif $360

blue-and-white-porcelain-butterfly-medallion-landscape-garden-stoolBlue and White Porcelain Butterfly Medallion Landscape Garden Stool $360

blue-and-white-porcelain-medallion-plum-blossom-heaven-jar_1 (1)

Blue and White Porcelain Plum Medallion Ginger Jar $320


Cliveden Square Pillow in Blue $185

imageBlue and White Porcelain Double Happiness Floral Temple Jar $320

imageKyoto Garden Stool $278

imageBlue and White Hexagonal Lotus Garden Stool $360

Blue and White Porcelain Butterfly Temple Jar $350

The intricate designs vary from floral motifs, butterflies, dragons and lions to geometrics and Chinese symbols of happiness.  The important thing when incorporating these pieces into your decor, is finding the right hue of blue for your room.  Here are the reasons we still love blue and white porcelain so much:

1) You can use blue and white china  in the kitchen
Charles Faudree had a knack for incorporating it into French decor and used the pieces to bring warmth to the kitchen. Put it on the cabinets, on top of your cooking range and even on the kitchen island:



2) You can use blue and white porcelain on  any table top
Blue and white accents spruce up any table top – whether it’s a console, a sofa table,  end table or even dining room table!



Photo by Margrethe Myhrer for House Beautiful


3) Blue and White Porcelain Can be Used Indoors or Outdoors

As if we need another reason!  You can use the porcelain indoors or on the porch or the garden!



4) Blue and White Porcelain Can Even Go On the Wall!
The trick here is getting pieces with flat bags or that don’ t have much depth.  Beautiful wall brackets help – we sell those as well at The Well Appointed House.  If you can’t find the shade of wall brackets you want, just paint them to match your woodwork.  It’s a great DIY project!



Room by Carolyn Roehme

If you are feeling inspired, shop out our Blue and White Collection!  Happy Shopping! ~Melissa Hawks


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