Seen & Heard: Parrot PTSD, Texting and Dating, J.Crew Sunglasses, Lionel Richie Home Collection

Some weekends the NY Times captivates me more than others and this past weekend, I found myself dog earring pages and tearing out articles.   Two articles were great- one about caged birds and another about texting and dating.  J.Crew has a new collection of sunglasses, Lionel Richie has a new home collection and I’ve rounded up some cute video clips for you.  Not to mention a delicious healthy green smoothie recipe.  Read on…

Have you ever seen a bird in a cage and wondered just how miserable it must be?  Or been at the zoo and seen one rapidly pacing back and forth and felt your heart bleed?  Well check out this fabulous article from last week’s NY Times Magazine: What Does a Parrot Know About PTSD?  An unexpected bond between damaged birds and traumatized veterans could reveal surprising insights into animal intelligence.  I nearly needed a highlighter with this one.  As a biology major in college, a lover of wildlife and big supporter of research and conservation for all creatures great and small, I love articles like this one.  One of my favorite quotes from the article:  “When examined through the lens of complex PTSD,” Dr. Gay Bradshaw, a psychologist and ecologist and an author of the study, wrote, “the symptoms of many caged parrots are almost indistinguishable from those of human P.O.W’s and concentration-camp survivors.”  She added that severely traumatized cockatoos “commonly exhibit rapid pacing in a cage, distress calls, screams, self-mutilation, aggression in response to…physical contact, nightmares…insomnia.”

Most of these birds have a 60-70 year life span, the cognitive capacities of 4-to-5 year old children and are very social “flock” animals.  Can you imagine what it must be like to be confined to a cage?  Click here to read the full article – it will change the way you think about cockatoos and parrots and, well, all caged birds.



Thank goodness I don’t have to date in 2016!  I think I would really get myself into trouble. I actually had to talk to my husband on the phone when we were 23 and 24 and meeting, dating and falling in love.  Thankfully, I like to talk, so there was plenty to say.  I had to learn to express myself both logically and romantically, I had to express what I wanted, hoped for, expected — all of that.  He knew I was interested, we both were — but I also conveyed that I was giving him about a year and a half and then moving on because I had a plan for my life.  I was head over heels, my mother used to call him Mr. WOW (translation, “walk on water” because she said that though I didn’t say it, she knew that I thought he could). Though starry-eyed I was, I saw through the “love buzz” I was experiencing and was very clear that if he didn’t feel the same way, I was sure someone else would and I would be moving on.  Anway, I did have a ring on my finger 14 months later and was married three years after meeting…three kids, two dogs and over 16 years later, here we are.  So if you are texting a romantic interest and not getting the response you hope for, check out this article by Lindsey Golstein: To Text or Not to Text: A Dating Conundrum.  I like the ending…

Brian Rea

Brian Rea


Did you hear that J. Crew has just launched a new line of sunglasses?  There are six styles in various colorways and Jenna Lyons is very proud.  Click here to shop the collection.


I was at NY Now this week (it’s the Gift Show if you aren’t in the world of home decor- where most of the new products are unveiled for 2016) in NYC checking out the newest home goods for 2016.  The music icon launched his new home collection and was at the gift show!  Check it out and post your comments below!  Let us know what you think!

Lionel Richie Home


Check out this Baby Elephant’s Cuddle Time

Watch Tian Tian the Panda enjoying last week’s snow storm 

Here is Bao Bao’s first snow day at the Smithsonian


Check out this Five Ingredient Green Smoothie– I’ve been making this week and it’s great!

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