The Best Casual White Pants for Spring/Summer 2016

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Here you go.

After years of trying all different brands and cuts of white pants, I have settled on my favorite casual long white pants to wear with summer heels.  These give in all the right places and are flattering.  They not only lengthen the leg but also pull you in where you need to be pulled in!  It’s the Ballad in White with a slim cut by AG Jeans.  Click here to view:




My favorite white capri was the Lilly Pulitzer Luxury Capri – but they aren’t offering them this year – stay tuned.  Hopefully they will be back…when you find a cut you like, stock up!

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  1. jasminepoole

    Glad to see the post! Like the way, you have mentioned about casual white pants. This will be more popular, especially in Summer. Casual pants looks always stylish and comfortable as well. On the other hand,it can be more cool,when it is in white. Keep sharing such posts!

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