Christmas Decor to Love! Ornaments, Wreaths, Christmas Card Storage and more!

We are busy at our sister site, The Well Appointed House shipping out holiday decor!  Get your orders in now before our big 20% off sale ends and we sell out! View our Christmas items here!  Here are a few favorites:

christmas-decorations-20161. Painted Glass Owl Ornament $44 | 2. Glamorous Blue and Green Painted Glass Peacock Christmas Ornament $48.00 3. Aqua Glass Buddha Ornament $52 |  4. Jeep Woody with Tree Hooked Christmas Pillow $68 | 5. Toys Under the Christmas Tree Hand Towel $28.50 | 6. 18″ Christmas Boxwood Wreath $236.00 | 7.  Red Nutcracker Suite Hook Christmas Stocking on Green Background $44 | 8.  Peace Holiday Pillow $72 | 9.  Red, Green and Ecru Stripe Christmas Stocking $80 | 10. Fresh English Holiday Estate Christmas Wreath $107 | 11. Decorative Childrens Wishes Santa 4 feet Tall $803 | 12. Blue and White Frosted Kingdom Santa on the Moon Christmas Ornament $42.00

Can’t think of what to do with all of those holiday cards as they arrive in the mail?  We’ve got the solution! Our customers have been buying our decoupaged holiday letter tins for years for this purpose!  They are $60 and made to order.  Click images below for more details, and we have other designs, too!





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