Ivanka Trump’s Kalorama Home in Washington, D.C.

With all the buzz surrounding the recent election and the first few weeks of the Trump administration, we wanted to give you a look inside Ivanka Trump’s new home with photos from Zillow.com.  Regardless of what side of the political divide you find yourself on, we know that both Ivanka and Jared are going to play a big role in her Father’s administration.

America’s first daughter quickly found her very own White House in Washington, DC. Trump, husband Jared Kushner, and their three children recently relocated to a Kalorama colonial located at 2449 Tracy Place where they will reside during her father’s administration. The 1923 Waddy Wood design recently received an interior facelift, although it still holds much of its original charm. The structure features five wood-burning fireplaces and exquisite crown molding, but it now also displays sleek, modern accents such as stainless steel appliances and oversized windows. The  6,870 square foot home (containing six bedrooms and seven baths) faces south, allowing for plenty of natural light.

If stunning architecture wasn’t enough to make Kalorama one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the D.C. area, it now houses some serious political personalities. Rumor has it the Obamas live just a few blocks away!

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  1. Post author

    No matter what side you find yourself on, it’s going to be interested in follow the first family’s moves – figuratively and literally- for better or worse!

  2. Charlotte

    Her home is not what I expected. I found it a bit sterile. Maybe the pictures were taken when it was first furnished. The living room needs a huge painting over the large sofa and the coffee table in another room had nothing on it. She is so beautiful, I guess I expected something different.
    I will be interested to see what changes the First Lady makes in the White House!

    1. Post author

      These photos were from Zillow.com and were from when the house was up for sale, these are not photos of the house since the Kushners have lived in it

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