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I wanted to introduce you to Mally Skok, if you haven’t already heard of her!  I first stumbled upon her work somewhere in print and then in the Brunschwig showroom in NYC.   I’m overdue in including her here on the blog, as I love what she does. Mally Skok expertly blends cultured and cool in her stunning collection of wallpapers for the home. She started her company in 1998 and has never looked back. Originally from Cape Town, Africa, and later, London, Skok’s style developed over decades and is deeply influenced by her travels. Her cultural inspiration is evident not only in her vibrant, colorful patterns, but also in the names of her various collections (“The Istanbul Collection”, “The Africa Collection”, etc.). These polished yet fun designs depict the artistic elements she values most; she strives to create spaces that are warm and inviting, while still maintaining a crisp, curated vibe. Skok currently lives in Lincoln, Massachusetts where the firm is based, and proudly manufactures all of her products locally.  Here are some photos, post your comments below and which rooms you love!

Mewar Aqua/Lime wallpaper, Indian Stripe Turquose/Blue drapes



Mewar Pink/Orange Wallpaper, Indian Stripe chair

Mewar Pink/Orange wallpaper, Mewar pillows, Indian Stripe pillow


These photos are from the 2016 Junior League Show House – photography by Sarah Winchester Photography.  Stunning!

These photos are from the 2013 Junior League Showhouse:

Junior League Show House 2013

Junior League Show House 2013

Junior League Show House 2013

A Young Woman’s Bedroom – All fabrics are from Mally Skok Design’s fabric and wallpaper collections, with the exception of the side chairs.

Junior League Show House 2013

We love!  Do you?

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