5 Dining Table Styles for Every Space

When it comes to interior design, the dining space is always fun to decorate. From chandeliers to credenzas, there are so many ways to express your creativity and personal style. Since it’s the room where many of us host holidays and special family dinners, it’s essential in terms of entertaining as well. Of course, the focal point and most important piece is the dining table! But sometimes finding the perfect table can be a challenge. With so many great new items on the site, we’ve curated a list of dining tables for every decorative taste.  Click images to see the tables and where you can buy them!

1. The Modern Dining Table

A glossy finish and a streamlined silhouette give this table a minimalist vibe. Pair with clear acrylic chairs for a fresh, current aesthetic.

2. The Farmhouse Dining Table

Distressed or reclaimed wood offers a rustic charm to any space. Keep it simple with vintage mahogany side chairs or pair with upholstered seating for a finished look.

3. The Classic Round Dining Table

The round dining table is timeless and elegant. A truly distinguished design, you can’t go wrong.

4. The Contemporary-Chic Dining Table

The perfect combination of current and classic, this table is works in any interior space. Choose a versatile white or black or lacquered finish.

5. The Industrial Dining Table

Dark tones and rigid lines give this table an architectural quality. Complete the look with teak or stainless steel side chairs.

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