Window Box Style!

There are certain things in life that make me happy, simply by looking at them, and well done window boxes are one of those things! My mind immediately goes back in time to storybook tales I read as a child — memories of whimsical cottages adorned with window boxes overflowing with blooms to modern day grand estates and row houses in London and Paris with manicured boxwoods and ivy.  They add charm no doubt, but must also be maintained so typically you know that a green thumb lives within!  Here are some photos that I thought you would enjoy as you plan your own window box plantings!  These are ones I have saved for reference and I have also included a few links below to window boxes I like at bottom.  Enjoy!  ~Melissa Hawks




I love the soft pink and green hues in this one.  The caladium (elephant ear) with the pale pink impatiens and ivy makes a nice combination.





Stuart Window Box in Faux Lead $182+

Pinot Noir Window Box Planter $268+

Geo Window Box in Aluminum $114+

Sunrise Window Box $150+

Federal Window Garden Box in White $209.99

This is a sampling, but you can view our complete collection here.

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