5 Ways to Use a Garden Stool

The popularity of garden stools in the home is no secret. These barrel-shaped ceramic structures were used in China for centuries, but in recent years they’ve become a staple for interior designers and decor gurus alike. So why are they so appealing? These versatile accent pieces are available in a vast array of shapes, colors, and sizes, so finding one to suit your decorating needs is effortless. Their distinct silhouette and glossy texture adds dimension and vibrancy to any space. If you need a simple yet striking piece that will be the finishing touch to your living room or bedroom, look no further. Many garden seats feature intricate patterns and designs, serving as eye-catching pieces of art. Unsure how to work a garden stool into your next project? Not to worry – we’ve compiled a list of five fun ways to use them in the home. Happy decorating!

1. Nightstand

2. Desk or Vanity Seat

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3. Shower Bench

Bright Yellow Garden Stool

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4. Coffee Table

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Bungalow 5 Kano Side Table

5. Table Base

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