Abstract Wall Art

Feel like adding some flare to your home? Hanging statement art pieces on the wall can completely change the feel of any space. Lately we have been obsessed with abstract art, which adds an edgy and unique effect to even a simple, classically-designed room. Check out some of our favorite abstract wall art:

Bungalow 5 Castelli Framed Silk Panel in Blue

“Pink Sand” – Abstract Pink & Green Original Canvas Painting

Summer Abstract 5 in Blue

Set of Two Coastal Horizons Framed Wall Art

Budding Framed Wall Art

Modern Abstract Canvas in Earth Tones

Dappled Waves 2 Framed Wall Art in Blue

Multicolored Prism Framed Wall Art

Seaside Sands Framed Wall Art

Orange and Green Moddled Contemporary Frame Prints-Four Different Prints Available

“Emerald Waves” Abstract Blue & Green Original Canvas Painting

Playing Hooky Framed Wall Art

Set of Two California Coastline Framed Wall Art

Pink Stroke Abstract I Framed Wall Art-Available in a Variety of Sizes

Paule Marrot Black and White Abstract Reproduction with Optional Frame

Hot Stuff 1 Framed Wall Art


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