Library Lights In The Kitchen

Open shelving is the latest kitchen trend and this year we are seeing a lot of library lighting used in those spaces with no upper cabinets. This is a trend that can create a much more open feeling in your kitchen. Since the upper half of your kitchen space will be more visually open without upper cabinets, library lights on the walls are a great lighting option. This unexpected type of lighting will beautifully accent your kitchen activities and any objects that are important to you in the space.  Here are some spaces we love with great examples of this new style of kitchen lighting:

Photo Source: Bushman Dreyfus Architects Modern Kitchen New York. Publisher/Author: Daren Bradtke

Credit: Minna Jones

To get the look:


Even with upper cabinets in your kitchen, metal library lights above the kitchen sink, as seen here, are a stylish complement to the windows.

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To get the look:


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  1. Addie Pan

    Hi, That’s not a bad idea. Library light in the kitchen I really see this for the first time. But looks so amazing. I will keep it in my mind and remember this when I am going for remodeling my kitchen. Thanks for the sharing such an informative article. Keep up with good work.

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