Designer Q&A With Jennifer Barron

We believe that creating a beautiful home is essential to living a Well Appointed Life, so we’re constantly seeking out accomplished individuals who can share their wisdom with us (and our readers). This month brought the opportunity to chat with the talented Jennifer Barron and get the scoop on her background, her work, and her thoughts on what’s trending in the design world. Jennifer has distinguished herself with an alluring portfolio of elegant, sophisticated, and colorful residential projects. Her application of simple design principles combined with her use of bold accents never ceases to impress, and we’re thrilled to hear her story and her very valuable insight. Check out the Q&A below!

How did you first get into the field of interior design?

I’ve always had a strong creative side, but interior design was actually not my first career!  I studied Human and Organizational Development and Art History at Vanderbilt in Nashville, TN, and returned to Texas (my home state) to work for Teach for America after graduation.  A year or so into teaching, I took a leap of faith to pursue my love of design and enrolled at the Art Institute of Chicago (ultimately transferring to Houston’s campus) to receive a degree in Interior Design. While studying, I worked part time for a designer and was eventually brought on full-time as a Project Designer after graduation.  In 2015, I launched Jennifer Barron Interiors, and, well – the rest is history!

How/where do you source the majority of your design projects (design centers, online..)?

I’d say that half of the work for our projects is sourced from our local design center in Houston, while the other half is either sourced online or (surprise!) Instagram. Our team is constantly researching new products from our favorite vendors, as well as new vendors on the rise through their platform. It’s really turned out to be an invaluable tool – not only for sourcing design elements, but also for marketing!

What is one unexpected design tip or source that most people don’t know about?

Many of my clients ask for fun window treatments with lots of pattern and color, but are hesitant to take the financial plunge. If you’re not ready to splurge on yards and yards of fabric, try adding a 6” fabric band to the leading edge of a drapery panel – it’s an unexpected surprise!

What are 4 products on our website that you love?

For those late summer nights:

Somerset Bay Corolla Game Table

For a pretty powder bath:

Hudson Valley Lighting Small Chandler Scalloped Quatrefoil Ceiling Flush Mount

For a bold entry:

Bungalow 5 Romano Mirror in Amethyst

For picking up after toddlers (and hiding it elegantly!)

Large Rectangular Rush Storage Basket


What is your favorite room in the house to decorate?

That’s a tough question. Wallpaper is my favorite design medium, so any place where that may apply (e.g. everywhere!). Entries are a great place to install a punchy paper to set the tone for the whole house!

What is one current design trend or style that you love?

I have always gravitated towards spaces that incorporate simple, white-painted walls to highlight bold colors and patterns in the form of accessories (books, pillows, etc.). For me, it has always yielded a calm, yet interesting space!

Do you have any predictions for colors or trends that will be big in 2018?

Colors: Soft pastels
Trends: Using color in the kitchen!

What is your favorite aspect of interior design?

There is no other place that I feel the true level of comfort and joy than in my own home. My favorite part of this job is ensuring that my clients are excited every time they walk in their front door.


Some of our favorite Jennifer Barron looks:

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