5 Tips For Designing Your Dream Closet

Want to create your dream closet? It might be easier than you think. While we’re not all blessed with enormous walk-ins, there are simple ways to maximize your space and add a little style along the way, even in modest interiors. We’ve compiled out favorite tricks & tips for closet organization and style, with some amazing designer looks to help motivate you, because it’s never too late for spring cleaning. What’s your go-to closet hack? Let us know in the comments below!

1: Purge

Most of you have probably watched Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up by now – but have you applied her m methods in your own home? Getting rid of unused items is the first and most important step in refreshing your closet. Discarding or donating articles you once loved (or thought you would wear someday) can certainly be challenging, especially if they have sentimental value, but the light and airy feeling you get when you de-clutter is 100% worth it!

Sarah Vohn

Bailey Austin

2: Illuminate

It’s amazing how many closets are built with insufficient lighting, or no lighting at all. Making sure your closet is properly lit is essential to designing a beautiful space. We’ve included some of our favorite budget-friendly lighting fixtures below, perfect for closets both big and small.

Meg Braff

Creative Tonic

Tracy Lynn



3: Organize With Intention

Be strategic with placement and layout. While some of us don’t have the discipline for color coordination, basic practices like hanging blouses and skirts on higher bars, and pants, gowns, and jumpsuits where there is nothing underneath, will make a huge difference. You may even need to raise your rod to avoid wasted space. (Youtube DIYs come in handy if you don’t want to hire a pro!) Hanging jeans and handbags on hooks is also a great way to save space if you have limited shelving.

House Beautiful

4: Splurge (A little)

In smaller closets, pretty padded or wooden hangers elevate your space with a special touch. Not only will they protect your clothes, they’re aesthetically pleasing and give your wardrobe a glamorous look. In larger closets, fashion-inspired wall art, books, and boxes make your walk-in feel like a Parisian boutique. Check out some of our best-sellers below!

Akin Design Studio



5: Utilize Trays & Baskets

Stylish storage bins like wicker baskets and colorful canisters help to keep things tidy and in their place, while adding a sophisticated touch. Bowls work beautifully for small accessories like belts, headbands, and scarves, while sunglasses and bracelets can be displayed nicely in a tray. Check out some of our favorites below!

Andrew Howard

House Beautiful


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Meg Braff

Jenna Wallis

Kara Hebert

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House Beautiful

House Beautiful

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