Thanksgiving Centerpiece Prep at My House

As many of you can probably relate, the days before Thanksgiving get busy. Between kids, husbands, pets, school events and work, as we move closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas/Hannukah (depending on what you celebrate) – it all starts to feel a bit frantic. On top of it all, I’m running The Well Appointed House and our Black Friday sale is now live on the site, so things have been b-u-s-y! Yesterday after working most of the day, I whipped up my Thanksgiving centerpiece between child pickups, working with my team on website issues, dealing with painters working on a room and having a locksmith come fix a lock at my house. The days are rarely quiet! If I had more time I would have included some foam, but this arrangement will be used tomorrow and then I’ll break it up into smaller bouquets to go around the house. Here’s a quick video and a few photos. If you follow me on Instagram (click if you don’t and please follow!) I posted this video last night after I made it. After you watch the video, click the scroll right button on the image to see the finished arrangement. This year, I selected a soft palette or colors that will tie in with the Gracie wallpaper I have in my dining room. The container is a birch wood style for a natural feel!

What type of arrangement and table setting are you doing this year? Please post your comments below:

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