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Summer, July 4th and Beach House Decor

Summer 2010 is here!  The warm, muggy weather has arrived, kids are out of school, camps have started and invitations to barbecues, pool parties, and summer soirees are in the mail.  With July 4th just a few weeks away, now is the time to ...

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Color Wars

Memorial day is upon us, which means the official start to summer and hopefully a lot of fun.  As far as dressing goes we either go all white (following the old ‘no white before memorial day’ rule) or dress like a bouquet of ...

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Picking a gift for mom can be an ordeal; what do you get for the woman who used to tie the ribbon on all your Christmas and birthday presents, packed your lunches and bought your clothes? Yeah, suddenly that homemade card isn’t going to ...

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